#Experimento Hip-Hop.

I’ve been producing and dropping rhymes in the solitude of my bedroom for the last 24 months, as a get away from my daily life and to live in the fantasy of making music. This journey is called “Experimento Hip-Hop”.

On this Mixtape I talk about different topics such as suicide, anger, social differences, abortion, love etc.. which perhaps may sound a bit unusual but in reality they are not far away from our daily twisted lives. Since then I’ve been experimenting and developing an Identity, growing as a producer and as a rapper. I really hope you enjoy this piece as much as I did making it, Peace.

Who is EdotMe?

Born in a country like Colombia, I always had so many stories I wanted to tell, however I never thought the best way to tell them was dropping rhymes over a beat some producer put out there for kids like me to speak out their mind.

It just felt good, and it’s so addictive next thing I knew I had more than 24 rap songs recorded on my little home studio, where I wrote so many thoughts and feelings, this first compilation of songs is called “Experimento Hip-Hop”.

I write my words as they come out of my head most of the time I rap in Spanish but sometimes there’re things that I wanna say in English. I’m not scared to be different, I don’t want to tell the same stories everybody wants to hear, I wanna give them a little more of what they haven’t heard…More…

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